Reading Group

 Final meeting: Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 @ 2:00 PM PST  

The Land + Place Reading Group has now concluded alongside the 2021 curatorial residency at the Or Gallery. The last 3 months of texts are archived below—we’d like to thank our group members for generously sharing their connections with space and land, and we hope you gained something from reading in community with us as well! 

Archived Reading for 08/28/2021:

the internet as a garden

(Pick one or two texts / sites / images to read!)

Archived Reading for 09/25/2021:

The Body in the Virtual World (talk) / Bruce Sterling

(start at the 17 min mark)
Archived Readings for 10/23/2021:

wave hands, like clouds, not eyes

Special in-person reading group hosted by artist Serena Lee.

Download the text package here.


(If you’re new to Jitsi, it’s a free in-browser Zoom alternative - no account set up needed.)

Hope you can join us!